Novade – Enterprise apps for building & construction operations.

Novade Track is an enterprise solutions facilitating tracking and management of defeats and its rectification process during your project construction, handover and defect liability period.

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Novade Quality - Enterprise app to manage inspections, checklists and handover

Manage project quality from construction to handover.

Novade Quality is a formidable platform to improve quality. By using standard definitions and checklists, you can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve quality on projects while reducing costs.

Novade Quality is a complete solution engaging all key stakeholders on the project:

  • Teams in the field can easily conduct inspections and lodge defect information with mobile devices. They can also complete and validate quality checklists.
  • Sub-contractors can be informed in real time: once a defect is confirmed and assigned, the sub-contractor can access and update information on its mobile device.
  • Management and project teams can track and monitor the status of all defects and quality checklists. Dashboards and reports are automatically generated.
  • Architects and consultants can be included in the approval process. For residential projects during the handover phase, homeowners can also be involved in the process.


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Novade Safety - Enterprise app to manage Safety on Construction Sites

Enforce safety processes and compliance on site.

Novade Safety is used to manage safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits To Work (PTWs) or Non Conformity Reports (NCRs). Paper forms are replaced by an easy-to-use mobile application. All key stakeholders are engaged in key processes:

  • Sub-contractors can submit data from mobile devices and are notified when actions or the validation of actions is required.
  • Safety officers can conduct safety inspections and validate PTWs instantly. Corrective actions are easy to check and monitor.
  • Site managers can monitor the status of all PTWs and NCRs in real time.

Novade Safety is a formidable platform to improve safety project after project. By capturing data day after day, you can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve safety on projects.

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Novade Logistics - Enterprise app to manage equipment and materials on construction sites

Optimize allocations. Track and maintain assets. Prevent theft.

Novade Logistics helps manage various types of assets – equipment, tools, materials – on multiple sites. With Novade Logistics you can:

  • Locate assets on maps
  • Manage allocation and transfer of assets from one site to the other
  • Manage and optimize asset inventory
  • Optimise asset procurement with utilisation forecast from projects
  • Control and monitor equipment cost with daily forecasts for all projects
  • Manage maintenance of equipment with customisable checklists


Novade Asset is a collaborative system:

    • Logistics teams have an overview of assets across multiple projects
    • Project teams can manage, on a daily basis, information related to their project assets
    • Maintenance teams can access real-time information and history for all assets


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Novade Maintenance - Enterprise app to manage scheduled maintenance and repair work

Plan, inspect, repair, report.

Novade Maintenance helps schedule and automate inspections in the field, track repair activities and generate real-time reports.

With Novade Maintenance you can:

  • Create and customise your data base to locate and track assets on multiple sites.
  • Create checklists for each type of assets with customisable approval workflows.
  • Schedule maintenance work, monitor progress and archive all data.
  • Manage repair intervention in real time, track status and generate reports instantly.


Novade Maintenance is a collaborative system:

    • Technicians can access and input data on assets during inspections.
    • Managers can plan, monitor and validate inspections.
    • Customers can request repair jobs and access reports.


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