Leong Yeok Lee is currently the Director at 3DTECH.  She holds a Master of Business Administration from Charles Sturt University Australia and Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  She started her career as a Design Engineer at Hitachi Electronic Products Sdn Bhd then as a Chief Moderator at NCC Education (M) Sdn Bhd  before joining 3DTECH Group.

Yeok Lee is a policy maker.  She set up the moderation processes in NCC Education when NCC Education decided to have centralised moderation process for all accredited centres globally  in Malaysia in year 2008.    She has a vast amount of experience dealing with people from different countries gained from enforcing accreditation and moderation processes in accredited centres of NCC Education.

She believes that organisations and staff must be adaptable at work, flexible and can respond quickly to changing ideas so that they can easily adapt to dynamic shifts in market condition.

At 3DTECH, Yeok Lee oversees the finance, operation and human resources deaprtments, ensuring a smooth support for the sales team and technical team so that the objective of 3DTECH can be achieved.